Saturday, August 20, 2011


Today is the Acquaintance Party of Regional Science High School X, my Alma mater. We, Rea and Alyssa went to RSHS and visited our adviser, Sir Gem and we had a great time talking to him. Then we went to see our subject teachers and they offered us some food to eat since their advisory classes. Since Alyssa and me had not eaten lunch, we took the opportunity because we are really hungry. So we went on 8 classrooms and ate food with the students. It was kinda awkward, but since I'm with them, it' s an A - Okay! In T. Luz's room, Nagmano si Arvin sa ako. I was shocked. Then I said, Di pa man ko tigulang oy. Nganong nagmano ka! Haha. Then he offered suman. It was really yummy. I have also talked with Luke. I had a great time chatting with him. Still a funny and wise man. Then lastly, I met Mila! She hugged me very tightly! I really miss her so much. We had talked about plenty of things. She shares her life in school and I share my life as a college student. Then she bought Fish balls and Pineapple juice for me and my sissy as we talked. I want to talk to her more. Foundation day na unta oy, para mag-istorya pa mi. I also enjoyed playing Table Tennis with Rea though we really don't know how to play the game. It was really fun! I love this day! <3

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hooray for Thursday!

Midterms have ended. It's a good thing that I've answered most of the questions right, I think. Haha Well, the worst test that I took within the four days was Math 81. It cracked the hell out of me. I didn't finish the test and I am not really certain of my answers. Hoping that I could pass all the tests with flying colors. :) Moving on, Rhonalou bought us sundaes because the Midterm exams have ended. Hot Caramel sundae is very yummy and sweet. Then we go back inside the school and look for a place to stay and talk. Then we went to National Book Store and finally, I bought a Friction pen for future use. No more erasures! Hahahaha >:D Then after we stayed at the bookstore for an hour and 45 minutes, I think, We went outside and bought mangoes and buko juice. Then we parted ways and went home.

Before I posted this, I have finished my Engineering Drawing Application of Alphabet of lines plate. Yay! And hope my tonsillitis and fever will be cured by tomorrow. *cross fingers* And will finish reading The Angel's Game before the 13th. :D

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well, it started not so well because the counselors are not available today due to the orientation of the OC students. So I went there for nothing. :/ So I went to the library and made some paper cranes and taught Roxl and Rea how to make one. Then I talked with my blockmates who were there also in the library doing their service because they're scholars. We planned to go to RR's home because today is their fiesta, but on the last minute, we decided not to go there because we saw him at Dvsoria with his mom, so they were not celebrating fiesta pala. So, we four, Rea, Me, Roxl and RR went to Mcdo to eat lunch. Sadly, the others went home due to appointments. Anyways, we stayed there for 3 hours just eating and talking, although Rea went home ahead and stayed there for an hour. As we talked, I burped so loud that caught the attention of some people. *ULAWA OY --"* It's a good thing they didn't know it was me. :) Then we continued talking and pretended like there's nothing happened. Then we went to Pabayo and ate Chicken Proven and Siomai. Then I stopped at Mcdo to buy Vanilla Ice Cream. Then we parted ways and I went to Gaisano to see if my sister is still watching HP7 P2. As she went out of the cinema, we went to Mcdo again and bought me a Strawberry Sundae, then we waited for Mom. As she arrived, we went home full and happy. :))

I went home very happy and ate Hot Caramel Sundae, Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Sundae. >:D
Still have allergies. I hate it. D:<

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well, Prelims have passed. It's great that it's done. A 100 + item exam in Chemistry and a 5- item exam in Political Science worth 5o points. Exams in college are scary, compared to high school. Somehow, I'm getting the hang of college. Great friends, awesome block mates, new environment and freedom. College is like high school, only better. I tend to sleep late nowadays, sometimes I sleep really early at night. Sleeping patterns change. I tend to be hungry all the time but forgets to eat.

GA will be tomorrow. Can't wait. meeting new friends. It's just awesome. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday with EA

This is one of the photos taken during our EA photo shoot. Though some didn't participate, most of the EA tried to be in the photo. Diday made a group on Facebook and placed a description of: diri gabaha ang mga VALE. haha. :P Well, EA is one smart class. CHOS Haha There are plenty of smart people that belong to this block, some graduated of high honors and some are scholars. Well, the awesome thing with EA is that they all just wanna have fun. We hangout a lot, joking with each other, and partey partey! Haha And another thing is that as one week has passed, we already had friendship, friendship like my high school years. EA rocks! \m/

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


EA, it’s our block. My blockmates are awesome. Though we have homework today, the day was still fun even rain wasn’t a hindrance.

During our Filipino Class, we were asked to introduce ourselves and tell something on how can you see yourself 10 years from now. One answered, Ako ay magiging isang inhinyero sa Korea. Our prof asked why Korea. Then replies, KPOP fan po ako kasi. Well that one made me laugh.

I have also a male friend, my blockmate. When it’s time for attendance, his name will be placed on the female. Because of this incident, our prof accidentally called himBinibining Ong without knowing the name. The class burst with laughter. Hahahaha

Epic fail happened when we queued for our IDs. It was quite a long wait. 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then a priority number was needed so we asked the staff but they ran out of numbers and will be handling the next batch of numbers tomorrow. So we queued for nothing. Hahaha

All iz well. :D